Coordinator: Marco Orlandi

Starting date: 1994

Subject: UFO sightings by pilots and UFO-aircraft interactions.


AirCat (Italy) is a collection and analysis of UFO reports involving pilots and aircrafts from Italy and abroad. It also concerns radar and radar-visual reports without sightings from aircraft or by pilots.


Data collection comes for Italian cases from direct reports by witnesses to UFO organizations, reports in the general media, documentations released by military or civili aviation authorities, investigations by UFO researchers. Analysis includes both statistics and and technical examination of best cases, with a special attention to interaction between UFOs and aircrafts.

International reports are also logged in a separate catalogue for comparison purposes.


An intense cooperation with international researchers working on the same subject has been kept since the beginning.

Two editions of the annotated catalogue of Italian reports have been published as a CISU monograph in 2001 and 2004.

Several articles have also been written and published, both about general issues and about specific case histories [see Marco Orlandi’s bibliography for details].

334 Italian reports have been logged for the 1932-2011 years, 147 of these being well documented sightings by pilots.

The international side-catalogue presently consists of 2003 case histories from 1916 through 2009.

Last Update: 28 December 2011