Ammon, Denny (Germany)

Born in 1979, married, one son, lives in Zella-Mehlis. Graduated in computer sciences and is currently scientific coworker and doctorand in medical informatics.

Passively interested in UFOs and other potentially anomalous phenomena since the time of the German reunification, he became an active member of the German UFO research groups GEP and DEGUFO in 2003. Also in 2003, he
became member of the German Society for Anomalistics (Gesellschaft für Anomalistik, GfA), its objectives comparable to those of the American Society for Scientific Exploration (SSE).

Danny Ammon is currently associate director of the GfA study-group “UFOs” and board member of the GEP. His publications appeared in the GfA journal Zeitschrift für Anomalistik as well as in the GEP Journal for UFO-Research (Journal für UFO-Forschung, JUFOF).
Since 2006, he is also chief editor and designer of the JUFOF.

Ammon’s research interests concentrate on one hand on theoretical aspects of the UFO phenomenon and specifically of UFO research; on the other hand he is interested in all facets of the so-called alien abduction phenomenon.

He would exemplify an attitude towards the topic which seems desirable to him (and which he strives for, too) by an expression of Thomas S. Kuhn, who called a necessary attribute of a productive scientist “the essential tension”.
Therein lies not only the ability to, at first, bear up the fundamental uncertainty which characterizes para-sciences as well as supposed crises of the normal sciences, but then also the display of both traditionalist and innovative characteristics in treating supposed anomalies, combined with a promotive choice between them.

Contact: Danny Ammon, Kleine Bahnhofstr. 15a, 98544 Zella-Mehlis, Germany

E-mail: DannyAmmon{at}