Ohlsson, Andreas (Sweden)

Born in 1974, Järfälla, Sweden.

Vice chairman of UFO-Sweden and also chairman of the local UFO-Sweden Association in Stockholm (Stockholms UFO-förening). A regular contributor to UFO-Sweden’s magazine UFO-Aktuellt. Secretary on the board of Archives for UFO Research.

Education: Late 1990’s studied Ethnology at Stockholm and Uppsala Universities. Bachelor of Arts degree with major in History at University of Stockholm.

Bachelor thesis on the political issue regarding suspected intrusions of Soviet submarines in Swedish waters during the 1980’s, Carl Bildt och ubåtsfrågan.

In 2003, Master thesis in History, The Ghost rocket sightings in 1946 (Spökraketerna 1946).

Former Editorial Assistant at the economical newspaper Affärsvärlden.

Direct email: andreas_ohlsson@chello.se