Roberts, Andy (United Kingdom)

Born in 1956, he has been interested in strange phenomena since he was a child. He began active investigation and research of UFOs in 1983. He has been active in many investigation groups, including BUFORA and the IUN (Independent UFO Network) and has contributed to many local and national TV and radio shows.

He is co-author of several UFO books: “UFOs 1947-87” (1987), “Phenomenon” (1988), “Phantoms of the Sky” (1989), “Earthlights Revelation” (1991), “The UFOs That Never Were” (2000), “Out of the Shadows”(2002). He edited the magazine UFO Brigantia for 25 issues and also the sporadic The Armchair Ufologist.

His main fields of study are: the social history of ufology in the UK, UK contactees, UK UFO crashes, specifically the Berwyn Mountain UFO crash, foo-fighters, the Warminster phenomenon, UFO hoaxes, and witness perception.  His forthcoming book (due in April 2007) is “Flying Saucerers”, with Dave Clarke.

His position statement on UFOs is: Humans have witnessed unexplained aerial phenomena for millenia. Each generation has it’s own interperatation of what these phenomena are, from flying dragons to phantom airships to extraterrestrial craft. As no physical evidence for any of these interpretations has been found it is a reasonable assumption that all UFO phenomenon is a mixture of witness perception and belief, together with the processes of folklore and mythology, well stirred by a compliant media.

Besides a dedication to the subject of ufology Andy is also active in the field of Fortean research, a frequent contributor to Fortean Times.

When not answering the call of the weird he manages several hostels for homeless young people in Wrexham and pursues many other interests including hill walking, kite flying and UFO hoaxing.