Arcas Gilardi, Julio (Spain)

Arcas Gilardi, Julio (Spain)Julio Arcas Gilardi was born in Santander, in 1951.
First interested in UFOs in his teen years, in 1966 he was co-founder of CIOVE and took part in several coordination efforts of Spanish UFO organizations in the 70s.
Since 1971 he has published a UFO bulletin (at first titled Espacio y tiempo and later renamed Vimana). When it merged with J. Ruesga Montiel’s publication, in 1987, Arcas became co-editor of Cuadernos de ufologia.

He was also instrumental in organizing two international congresses in the early 90s and in founding the informal Colectivo Cuadernos. When the Fundacion Anomalia was created in 1996, he was its first president.