Ardanuy, Jordi (Spain)

Ardanuy, Jordi (Spain)Born in Barcelona (Catalonia), on November 13, 1965.
Master degree in physics and post degree both in anthropology and information studies.
He has been investigating odd phenomena since 1980 and he is interested, not only in potential physical facts, but also in relationships with folklore.

In 1994, he joined the Catalan U.F.O. group “CEI”, of which he is a steering member. He wrote several contributions in Spanish for Papers d’Ovnis, and now in Catalan for the website

Ardanuy has been collaborating with the Spanish Fundación Anomalía, he was member of the editorial advisory committee of Cuadernos de Ufologia and he also contributed in the collective work Diccionario Temático de Ufología (1997).

He is member of several organizations about science, folklore studies and humanities.