Aubeck, Chris (Spain)

Aubeck, Chris (Spain)Born in London in 1971, in 1991 he moved to Cáceres, Spain, and since 2000 he has lived in Madrid, where he teaches English.
In 2003, after a lifelong interest in UFO reports from the pre-1947 era and a short infatuation in the Ancient Astronauts Theory, he chose to specialize in the collection and analysys of pre-Arnold and co-founded (and is the driving force behind) the Magonia Exchange Project, a data-sharing initiative aiming to apply modern technology to historical research, with an emphasis on accumulating original accounts of anomalous aerial phenomena from the past centuries.

A UFO witness himself, he nevertheless retains a sceptical view of claims of a paranormal or Fortean nature and prefers to measure such claims in terms of their sociological and literary impact.

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