The C.E.I. (Centre d’Estudis Interplanetaris) was founded in 1958 a few months after the seventh International Astronautical Congress at Barcelona and the stunning news of the launching of Sputnik 1.

At this initial stage, CEI edited the first publication in Spain about flying saucers. In 1967 CEI chose to work following a scientific oriented approach, but with an unprejudiced dissipation of the gathered information and paying careful attention to any particular hypothesis.

During that period a very important archive was created and developed, they also established a library and edited several publications as Stendek (1970-1981), Papers d’Ovnis (1994-2004, with contributions in Catalan and Spanish), Selecciones del CEI (1996), and some monographies in Spanish: «The 1950 Spanish wave», «Celestial phenomena from 7th to 19th century», «A short analytical monograph of the 1974 Spanish wave», «The UFO phenomenon. An analysis of 30 years of observations in Spain», «Minutes of the first national ufology congress (1978)», etc.

CEI members have been organizing or taking part in numerous public conferences, debates, exhibitions, radio and TV emissions and interviews in general media.

In the 1990s, CEI played an important role in promoting the start and development of the process of declassification of UFO archives from the Spanish Air Force, through an active cooperation with the Intelligence Section of the Air Operative Command. At the same time, the functional structure was updated and adapted for new technologies (internet, electronic databases, CD/DVD, etc.).

CEI, up today, have amassed information on the UFO phenomenon through witnesses and performed in-the-field investigations. CEI collaborate with others organizations of similar objectives in ufology, science and folklore.

CEI Centre d’Estudis Interplanetaris.

Bruc 88, 6º 13ª

08009 – Barcelona

e-mail: papersdovnis@yahoo.es

Website: www.ctv.es/USERS/netcei/home.htm