Svahn, Clas (Sweden)

Born: 12 April 1958 in Mariestad, Sweden.
Education: Journalist since 1978 after studies at Journalisthögskolan in Gothenburg.
Occupation: Journalist at Mariestads-Tidningen (Mariestad) 1978-1983, Norrbottens-Kuriren (Luleå) 1983-1990 and Dagens Nyheter (Stockholm), Sweden’s largest morning newspaper, since 1990. Works as a reviewer for UFO, science fiction and other related books for the Swedish libraries.
Family: Wife Anneli and two children, Niklas (born 1992) and Markus (born 1994).
Hobbies: UFO research, amateur astronomy.

Founded the local organisation UFO-Mariestad on 17 May 1974, member of UFO-Sweden’s board since 1988 and chairman since 1991. Vice chairman of Archives of UFO Research, AFU, in Norrköping. Co-editor of UFO-Sweden’s magazine “UFO-Aktuellt”. Publications (UFO books): “Domstensfallet – en svensk närkontakt 1958″ with Anders Liljegren (“The Domsten case – a Swedish close encounter in 1958″, AFU 1989), “Mötet i gläntan” with Gösta Carlsson (“The encounter in the clearing”, NTB Parthenon, 1995), “UFO-Mysteriet – från flygande tefat till cirklar i sädesfälten” (“The UFO mystery”, Parthenon 1998), “Fakta om UFO” (“Facts about UFOs”, Parthenon 1998) with Göran Norlén and by himself “UFO – möte med det okända” (“UFO – encounter with the unknown”, Semic 2000). In 2002 he was the main contributor to the book “Världens största konspirationer” (“The world’s largest conspiracies”, Semic).

Contributions to other books:
One chapter in “UFOs 1947-1987 – The 40 Year Search for an Explanation” with Anders Liljegren (Fortean Tomes 1987, ed. Evans/Spencer); One chapter in “Phenomenon” (Futura 1988, ed. Spencer/Evans); On chapter in “Sweden’s Ghost Rocket Delusion of 1946″ with Robert Bartholomew and Anders Liljegren (“UFOs & Alien Contact”, Prometheus Books 1998, Bartholomew/Howard); One chapter in “The Swedish Ghost Rocket Delusion of 1946″ with Robert Bartholomew, Glenn Dawes and Anders Liljegren (Fortean Studies Volume 6, John Brown Publ. 1999, ed. Steve Moore).

UFO related books:
One chapter about crop circles in “Övernaturligt” (1997); four chapters in the sequel “Oförklarligt” (1998) and seven chapters in “Gåtfullt” (1999).

Non-UFO related books:
Contributor to “Olösta mord” (“Unsolved murders”, Semic 2004).

Colin Wilsons “Psychic Powers” to Swedish in 1999.

Other media:
Svahn has also co-produced several domestic TV-programs in Sweden as well as SciFi Channels “Earthscan” and “Sweden special”. He has contributed with articles in many Swedish and foreign UFO magazines. He is currently working on a cd-rom project that will be published during 2001. Svahns pictures have been published in many books and magazines, such as: Evans/Spencer, ed: UFOs 1947-1987 (1987), Stone: UFO Investigation (1993), Moran: Alien art (1998), Clark: The UFO Encyclopedia (1998), Bord: “The World of the Unexplained (1998) and Nylén: “Den nödvändiga boken om Allsvenskan” (2004).