Talayhan, Ferhat (Germany)

Ferhat Talayhan was born in 1978 and is currently studying media economics in the university.

He first became interested in the phenomenon at the age of 8, when he found an article on UFOs in a children magazine: he then went to the local library, read Hynek’s books and has stuck to the subject ever since.

Ferhat joined GEP and CENAP in 1990 and has since been a member of both.

Talayhan had also been a member of the Turkish organization TUVPO (which unfortunately came to an end when its founder Erol Erkmen died), he is one of the few experts on the UFO phenomena in Turkey and has held lectures on UFOs in Islam, the Djinn and the perspective of the muslim community on UFOs.

In 2000/2001 he and a friend started publishing their own critical magazine called Ufozine, which later became glossy and professional and has recently been renamed Incognitas.

Combined with Roland Gehardt, Ferhat Talayhan owns the largest existing collection of UFO literature in German language. He is currently writing on a comprehensive German bibliography, on the Nazi UFO Myth and other projects, mainly from a sceptical viewpoint.

Contact details:
c/o Ferhat Talayhan,
Rutesheimerstr. 3/1,
71272 Renningen, Germany
Email: KleinerGrauer@googlemail.com