Ferryn, Patrick (Belgium)

Born in 1946, in Belgium.

Former photographer. In charge of a company involved in  videoconferencing, audiovisual for corporate, and production of documentary-films.

Interested in the UFO phenomenon and lost civilizations since the   early Sixties. Co-founder of SOBEPS, with Lucien Clerebaut (1971),   and of KADATH – Chroniques des Civilisations Disparues, with Ivan  Verheyden (1973).

Co-author of.

– “Kadath, Chroniques des Civilisations  Disparues”, with Ivan Verheyden & al., Robert Laffont éd., Paris  1976.

– “L’Affaire de Glozel”, with Jacques Gossart & Nicole Torchet,  éditions Copernic, 1978.

– “Vague d’OVNI sur la Belgique”, Vol. 1 &  2, with Lucien Clerebaut, Michel Bougard & al., SOBEPS ed., 1991,  1994.

Many articles in the magazines Inforespace and Kadath.

Other hobbies & interests: pre-Columbian America, prehistory, history  and arts of the Native Americans; US litterature, the Southwest,  blues, old-time & folk-music.

Postal address:

Parklaan, 46A

B 3080 Tervuren


Email: patrick.ferryn@skynet.be

Links: www.sobeps.org and www.kadath.be