Gehardt, Roland (Germany)

Roland Gehardt is a trained retail salesman and became interested in UFOs by reading Däniken’s first book “Chariots of the Gods”. He has been an active field researcher in the UFO field for over 30 years now. He had published 25 issues of “UFO Information” magazine since 1983 through 1986, when he decided to join CENAP.

Gehardt owns one of the largest existing UFO archives and libraries in German language and since 2002 he has been the organizer of the infamous Cröffelbach UFO meeting in South Germany.

He recently joined the staff of Incognitas magazine ( and is holding lectures in Germany and abroad.

Contact details:
Roland Gehardt
Großgartacherstr. 214 B
74080 Heilbronn, Germany
Tel: 07131/ 256314, Fax: 07131/ 256314