Gross, Patrick (France)

GROSS, Patrick France Born 1963 in Mulhouse, France School teacher, entered the world of Informatics when personal computers appeared and is currently an IT engineer. Became interested in the study of UFO reports in 1999 and is conducting documentation research and field investigation in the south of Alsace. He is a member of several UFO groups in France and takes part in several discussion forums. Patrick Gross is opposed to making profit with UFO matters and offers articles and case file for free on his website. Main current projects: – Exhaustive documentation of the 1954 flying saucer wave in France. – Exhaustive formal catalogue of UFO related entities reports worldwide. – GUP Project, a free quality assurance system for field investigators. Apart from his interest in ufology and professional informatics, Patrick Gross is also an astrophysics buff, a Syd Barrett fan and an amateur rock musician (singing and playing various instruments) and has a deep interest in aviation history.

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