Kaarbø, Mentz (Norway)

Born 17 August 1957. He has been interested in the UFO-phenomenon since the late 1960’s, reading Adamski and Leslie’s “Flying Saucers have landed”. Active in UFO-Norge since 1974. Member of the board 1988-2001.

Editor of the Nordic UFO Newsletter (1981-1988) and the UFO-Norway News (1989-1992). Editor of Norwegian journal UFO (1993-1999) and 2001-. He can read Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, English, German and some French. Can write Norwegian, English and a bit German.

Education: B.Sc. 1982 in microbiology. He has been working in the fish farming industry for the last 15 years.

Address: Strandgaten 221, N-5004 Bergen, Norway. Phone: +47 55 23 17 59. Cellular: +47 415 43 419.

Email: me-kaarb@online.no