González Manso, Luis (Spain)

Luis R. González Manso – b. 1958, Oviedo (Asturias – SPAIN)

Master in Business Administration (ESADE, Barcelona, 1980), I have published dozens of articles and reviews in Spanish and South American UFO bulletins such as Stendek, Cuadernos de Ufología, @nomalía, UFOPRESS (Argentina), La Nave de los Locos (Chile), etc. but also in skeptical journals such as La Alternativa racional and El escéptico. There are also a few collaborations in English magazines, such as Magonia (where I published a long article about the UMMO affair), The Anomalist, and Fortean Times. I have no book published, but did collaborated intensively in Fundación Anomalía’s Diccionario Temático de Ufología (1997).

In my earlier ufological years I actively worked with the Spanish Centro de Estudios Interplanetarios (CEI), but also helped Vicente-Juan Ballester Olmos with UPIAR Research in Progress. After a long hiatus, I returned to Ufology in the 90s, becoming a patron in the new Fundación Anomalía. Now, I am in charge of his Suplemento Internacional (a small bulletin which tries to give Spanish readers a flavour of the good Ufology written in Europe and the USA) and review foreign UFO titles for the Spanish audience. I read and write English, and understand French, Portuguese and Italian.

My interest in Ufology began in the mid-70s. I have investigated just a couple of UFO cases in my town, but really I am a “arm-chair ufologist” dissecting others’ work and investigations. I never admitted the simpler HET, following in the beginning Vallee´s ideas about a more subtle extraterrestrial contact. Now I have completely evolved into a skeptic. Nevertheless, I continue to be fascinated by how people believe in weird things. My present interests are:

+ The KOMPLETE KOTTMEYER – The translation into Spanish of ALL the ufological essays of my friend Martin Kottmeyer. A cyclopean effort indeed!

+ The FIRSTHUMCAT – A catalogue of the first humanoid cases in each country worldwide –  http://www.anomalia.org/fhc_en.pdf

+ Early Abductions – Compiled around the ABDCAT, a catalogue of abduction-related cases and fictional stories, up to 1981 (around the date of publication of Hopkins’s Missing Time).

+ UMMO – Also only the earlier years.

+ UFOphilately.

+ UFO-related bibliography (factional and fiction, including SF/UFOlogical stories, comics, etc.)

Address: c/ Plaza de Toros Vieja 3A 2A

29002 Málaga (SPAIN)

e-mail: lrgm1@lrgm1.e.telefonica.net