Shough, Martin (United Kingdom)

Following a Grammar school education in the south of England and extramural pre-entry classes in Fine Art at Brighton College of Art and Design, Martin confounded expectation by opting for a career in Lithography, completing a part-time 3-year course in photographic and print science at London College of Printing. Whilst remaining an enthusiastic autodidact he has worked as (among other things) a photolithographer, an electrician’s mate, a semi-professional musician (playing several instruments, including traditional Celtic fiddle with the Cnoc Ciuil Ceilidh Band), and has been a professional landcape painter and gallery-owner in the north of Scotland for 15 years. He presently lives in a glen in Ross-shire, in the Scottish Highlands.

His main interest in ufology is about radar cases. Martin Shough has compiled and evaluated an extensive catalogue of such events and has worked on analyses of a number of UK military radar reports dating back to 1946 (principally with David Clarke). He is a UK Research Associate for the National Aviation Reporting Center for Anomalous Phenomena, (NARCAP).

As such, he is the author of (among others):

– Radar & the UFO, in “UFOs 1947-1987: The 40-year Search for an Explanation”, (Evans & Spencer, eds., Fortean Tomes, London 1987);

– Radar-Visual Encounter at Bentwaters’, in “Phenomenon” (Evans & Spencer, ed., Futura, London 1988);

– A Review of Twenty-One Ground and Airborne Radar UAP Contact Reports Generally Related to Aviation Safety for the Period October 15, 1948 to September 19, 1976 (NARCAP Technical Report # 6, 2002);

Anomalous Echoes Captured by a B-52 Airborne Radarscope Camera: A Preliminary Report (82pp, for a major study of the 24 Oct 1968 Minot AFB incident currently in preparation by Tom Tulien);

Radar Coverage and Propagation Conditions in “Report of an Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon and its Safety Implications at O’Hare International Airport on November 7, 2006″, Richard F. Haines ed.,  (NARCAP Technical Report #10, 2007);

Report on Aerial Phenomena Observed near the Channel Islands, UK, April 23 2007 (March 2008, 180pp, publication pending, with Jean-Francois Baure, David Clarke and Paul Fuller).

Outside ufology, his other interests include theoretical physics (he has a particular interest in the quantisation condition for a scale-free fractal spacetime in which all position states are doubly and nonlocally connected; see the online essays A Speculative Ontological Interpretation of Nonlocal Context-dependency in Electron Spin and Foundations of an Alternative View of Mechanics).