Maugé, Claude (France)

Born in 1946, unmarried, he holds a “maîtrise” in physics and a “licence” in psychology. Teacher of maths and physics in a “lycée professionnel” (vocationnal school).

He is interested in various topics, such as classical music (only hearing), comics of the franco-belgian “bandes dessinées” kind, history, parapsychology, and since more than 30 years in most aspects of the UFO question.

He has published several papers in various UFO journals (Inforespace, International UFO Reporter, Magonia, OVNI Présence, …) and in two collective books, plus some unpublished bibliographic inventories.

He is currently preparing a catalogue of French abduction cases for publisher “l’Oeil du Sphinx”.

Mailing address:
8, avenue des Carmes
46100 FIGEAC