Verga, Maurizio (Italy)

Maurizio Verga

Maurizio Verga - 2010

Born in 1963, he has been dealing with UFOs since 1976, producing a large number of monographs and articles published in several Italian and international UFO magazines.

One of the founders of the Centro Italiano Studi Ufologici (CISU), he has been involved in many projects, including the collection and analysis of the Italian UFO close encounters, traces cases and photo cases.

Pioneering the use of personal computers for UFO research in the early ’80s (then editing “The Computer UFO Newsletter”, an early attempt to discuss how computer technology could be helpful to UFO research), he has created and managed some UFO WEB sites, including the leading ( and the Electronic UFO Bookstore UPIAR ( He has designed and set up several online databases of Italian UFO sightings, clippings and collections leading the way in the shared management of UFO-related resources.

He contributed several Italian and international UFO Magazines and book anthologies, while he authored the large Monographs devoted to the Italian close encounter and trace cases. One of them is the ITACAT large monograph, actually the testbed for the later “When saucers came to earth” English language book. Such a book (definitely a much expanded and different thing than the original Italian version) delivered for the first time ever a comprehensive look at the most interesting close encounter cases happened in Italy until 1954, during the so-called “golden age” of the flying saucers. More information here.

Maurizio is also involved in the highly controversial topic of the legends of the so-called “Nazi UFOs” (see the old site at Following a severe approach, he wrote the most detailed survey to date of the origins and early development of the German saucers, exposing myths, hoaxes and obscure news. The text is currently in Italian only, but it can be quite easily understood when using an online translator.

He created and then managed together with Giuseppe Stilo the WikiUFO project, a Wikipedia-like encyclopedia aimed at providing the best and most accurate documentation about the most important topics of ufology and UFO resaearch.

Maurizio has a peculiar interest in UFO-related imagery, stockpiling a large quantity of paper and digital visuals. He likely owns the largest collection of sci-fi film posters portraying saucers or featuring a UFO-related theme. He also owns the Italian largest private library of UFO books.

In 2009 he began a new project to study how and why the saucer phenomenon was born in 1947, focusing on the (underestimated) presence of the ET motif and expectation in the American culture of the time. The project was later temporarily suspended in order to keep working on an important sub-project: the development of the idea of life on Mars and likely communication to/from the red planet, as precursor and cause of the acceptance of the flying saucers and their astrounding penetration into the modern popular culture. The whole work looks pretty huge and an unprecedente quantity of documents has been found so far, and counting! An Italian-language book is scheduled for 2013.

Maurizio is currently an entrepeneur dealing with E-Business services to the fashion industry and is the creator and founder of the ItalianModa B2B online marketplace.


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via Matteotti 85
22072 Cermenate (Como)