Rocher, Thierry (France)

img_0076-2Born in 1960, Thierry Rocher is a cartographic designer by profession and he is now retired.

He contributed to several French UFO groups and magazines, as field investigator, editor and drawer (GEPO since 1978, CIGU since 1983, LDLN since 1987, AESV since 1983, SOS OVNI since 1991, SERPAN since 1991).


Since 1991 he published La Circulaire, monthly information bulletin on ufology and related topics, later renamed Le Répertoire.

In 1991 he helped to create and organize the Répas Ufologiques Parisiens (Paris Ufological Dinners), still gathering dozens of people interested in UFOs for a monthly dinner and conference.

His present activities are with CNEGU (Comité Nord-Est des Groupes Ufologiques, which he’s been a member since 2002) and with SCEAU (Sauvegarde et Conservation des Etudes et Archives Ufologiques), of which he was a co-founder, in 1990, and is presently assistant secretary.