UFO Sverige

UFO-Sweden was founded in 1970 as a center point for many smaller groups all around the country. Since 1980 UFO-Sweden chose to work along a scientific oriented way careful not to lean towards any particular hypothesis. Every year between 350 and 550 cases are reported to the organization.

UFO-Sweden has a mutual exchange of information with the Swedish Defence Institute on a regular basis and plans to use the same database for filing all investigations are discussed. The organization does also have very good contact with scientists from a broad variety of disciplines.

Today the organization consists of 25 local UFOgroups scattered all over Sweden, with 800 members. All UFO investigations are co-ordinated by a director of investigations and 100+ field researchers. Their works are later evaluated by three groups of experienced investigators. Every year, since the middle of the 70’s, a field trainee course is held for new trainees and a step two course for old timers.

All reports does finally end up in Archives for UFO Research which probably the worlds largest archives with UFO-oriented material, i.e. books, periodicals, correspondence, videos, pictures, newspaper clippings and some 17.000 case studies from Sweden, Norway and Denmark [www.afu.se] The archives are situated at Archives for UFO Research in  Norrkoping.

UFO-Sweden publishes two magazines, glossy UFO Aktuellt for a broader public (1.200 copies four times a year) and Rapport-Nytt (300 copies five times a year) for our own investigators. A Swedish [www.ufo.se] home page is maintained since 1996 with several thousand visitors every week. A smaller English section can be find at the same address.

Address: UFO-SVERIGE – Box 175 – S-73323 Sala, Sweden