Coordinator: Marco Bianchini

Starting: 1995

Subject: catalogue and archive of Italian USO case reports

Aims: collecting, cataloguing and evaluating all documentation about reported sightings of Unidentified Submerged Objects (USO) or water-related UFOs in Italy.

Methods: Four categories have been defined for inclusion (submerged objects; objects entering water; objects coming out of water; navigating or standing objects upon the water surface). All available documents about any such reported event is being collected and filed in an individual folder. A database is being kept for indexing purposes. Exchanges with similar collections abroad are also kept.

Results: 200 Italian USO case histories have been collected, filed, catalogued and evaluated as yet.

Publications: A preliminary 16-pages catalogue was released and pivately circulated by CISU in 1996. A full annotated catalogue with summary, sources and evaluation for each report was later published as a 160-pages CISU monograph in 2003. This later catalogued was entirely translated to English and is available through the American website by Carl Feindt. Several USOCAT reports have been included in Feindt’s book “UFOs and Water” (2010)

1) Bianchini, Marco: “UsoCat – Catalogo italiano degli avvistamenti”, CISU, Torino, 1996
2) Bianchini, Marco: “UsoCat – Catalogo italiano degli oggetti sommersi”, Upiar, Torino, 2003
4) Feindt, Carl: “UFOs And Water – Physical Effects Of UFOs On Water Through Accounts By Eyewitnesses”, Xlibris, USA 2010 .