Archivio Stampa CISU

(CISU Italian Newsclipping Archive)

Coordinator: Gian Paolo Grassino

The most complete existing collection of Italian newspaper/magazine clippings containing UFO or UFO-related news: more than 47,000 newscuttings, most of them originals, each one clipped and set onto a UNI-A4 white sheet of paper with source name and date, chronologically ordered from 1946 onwards.

It is comprising over 9,000 items recovered through “Operation Origins”, a systematic search through early years (1946-1954) library collections of Italian daily newspapers, by volunteers since 1984.

as-dscn0215The archive is also comprising some old collections of subscribers to a specialized newsclipping service (1958-1965, 1975-1978, 1979-1980). The current subscription payed for by CISU began in 1990 and up to 2017 hasĀ  brought more than 24,500 items, which have also been digitalized and are all available in PDF format.

The Italian UFO Press Archive is hosted at Torino headquarters of Centro Italiano Studi Ufologici.

An annual breakdown of the collection from 1946 through 1972 and a monthly breakdown from 1973 onwards is available at URL: