Coordinator: Marco Bianchini

Starting: 1995

Subject: catalogue and archive of Italian USO case reports

Aims: collecting, cataloguing and evaluating all documentation about reported sightings of Unidentified Submerged Objects (USO) or water-related UFOs in Italy.

Methods: Four categories have been defined for inclusion (submerged objects; objects entering water; objects coming out of water; navigating or standing objects upon the water surface). All available documents about any such reported event is being collected and filed in an individual folder. A database is being kept for indexing purposes. Exchanges with similar collections abroad are also kept.

Results: 200 Italian USO case histories have been collected, filed, catalogued and evaluated as yet.

Publications: A preliminary 16-pages catalogue was released and pivately circulated by CISU in 1996. A full annotated catalogue with summary, sources and evaluation for each report was later published as a 160-pages CISU monograph in 2003. This later catalogued was entirely translated to English and is available through the American website by Carl Feindt. Several USOCAT reports have been included in Feindt’s book “UFOs and Water” (2010)

1) Bianchini, Marco: “UsoCat – Catalogo italiano degli avvistamenti”, CISU, Torino, 1996
2) Bianchini, Marco: “UsoCat – Catalogo italiano degli oggetti sommersi”, Upiar, Torino, 2003
4) Feindt, Carl: “UFOs And Water – Physical Effects Of UFOs On Water Through Accounts By Eyewitnesses”, Xlibris, USA 2010 .


Coordinator: Paolo Fiorino

Started in: 1984

History: “Project Italy 3″ was created in 1981, as a collective effort of analysing Italian Close Encounters of the Third Kind, by the Rome branch of Centro Ufologico Nazionale (Massimo Pigliucci). When that group disbanded, coordination was taken by Paolo Fiorino, who changed it into a national catalogue and archive.

Aims: Collecting, investigating, cataloguing and analising Italian CE-III reports.

Methods and results: As of now, 720 Italian UFO reports with associated entities have been catalogued into a database. Project archives presently consists of more than 10,000 pages of documentation. Personal investigation reports by the coordinator are 130, and another 160 field investigation reports are also filed. Audio-video recordings exist for more than 120 case histories. A separate archive also collects documentation about Italian contactees and cultist groups.

Publications: Several articles have been published, most of them reporting about investigated cases [see Paolo Fiorino’s Bibliography].

Future developments: Publication of the whole annotated catalogue of Italia CE-III reports, internal analises and comparative analises with international samples are planned. Evolution of CE-III reports in time and in connection with sociological and storiographic issues is also planned.


Coordinator: Marco Orlandi

Starting date: 1994

Subject: UFO sightings by pilots and UFO-aircraft interactions.


AirCat (Italy) is a collection and analysis of UFO reports involving pilots and aircrafts from Italy and abroad. It also concerns radar and radar-visual reports without sightings from aircraft or by pilots.


Data collection comes for Italian cases from direct reports by witnesses to UFO organizations, reports in the general media, documentations released by military or civili aviation authorities, investigations by UFO researchers. Analysis includes both statistics and and technical examination of best cases, with a special attention to interaction between UFOs and aircrafts.

International reports are also logged in a separate catalogue for comparison purposes.


An intense cooperation with international researchers working on the same subject has been kept since the beginning.

Two editions of the annotated catalogue of Italian reports have been published as a CISU monograph in 2001 and 2004.

Several articles have also been written and published, both about general issues and about specific case histories [see Marco Orlandi’s bibliography for details].

334 Italian reports have been logged for the 1932-2011 years, 147 of these being well documented sightings by pilots.

The international side-catalogue presently consists of 2003 case histories from 1916 through 2009.

Last Update: 28 December 2011


Ball Lightning Italian Database
by Paolo Toselli

In recent years several members of the CISU have expressed growing interest in so-called ‘ball lightning”, a phenomenon science itself has failed to fully explain as yet (and indeed has often disdained). There are numerous phenomenological similarities between ball lightning and in some cases UFOs, but there are also many differences. A specific project was set up in 1999 to examine the subjet in greater detail, the primary aim of it being a database (BLITA) of certain or probable Italian sightings of ball lightnings ad similar phenomena, both contemporary and ancient ones.

Cases have been searched from scientific literature, expecially the numerous papers published by Ignazio Galli between 1907 and 1919 (recently recovered thanks to bibliographic research by some CISU members), as well as from non-scientific literature, the archives of individual researchers, newspaper clippings and field investigations, to a great extent already in CISU archives. The regional catalogues of UFO sightings compiled by CISU representatives have been used as a further source of phenomena comparable to ball lightning, according to phenomenological standards adopted by BL literature.

A total of approx. 200 Italian sightings of ball lightnings have been filed and the first Italian catalogue of BL reports was published in 2001.

Beside the regular updating of the BLITA, the internal consistency of various observational parameters is planned to be verified by correlating two different parts of the same database, e.g. cases reported by Galli in the early 1900’s vs. those coming from contemporary UFO files. Another planned analysys will be the comparison with other national catalogues of ball lightning observations. A comparison of observational parameters with Italian UFO/IFO sightings catalogued by the CISU, with over 15,000 cases from the last 60 years, will also be made, in order to highlight possible differences and/or similarities. Participation of all those interested in the subject is invited.

Project coordinator: Paolo Toselli

Produced documentation
– Toselli, Paolo and Fedele, Renato: “Project for a Database of Ball Lightning Observations in Italy”, in Geert C. Dijkhuis editor, Proceedings 6th International Symposium on Ball Lightning (ISBL99), 23-25 August 1999, University of Antwerp, Belgium, pp. 27-33.
– Toselli, Paolo: “Fulmini globulari e UFO”, in UFO – Rivista di Informazione Ufologica, Torino, CISU, No. 22, December 1999, pp. 4-5.
– Toselli, Paolo e Fedele, Renato: “Progetto di catalogazione delle osservazioni italiane di fulmini globulari (BLITA)”
– Toselli, Paolo: “Questionario per le segnalazioni di presunti fulmini globulari”, [BL sighting questionnaire form], CISU 2001
– Toselli, Paolo “BLITA, Italian Ball Lightning Database: Catalogo italiano delle osservazioni di fulmini globulari”, Edizioni UPIAR, Torino, 2001 (108 pages)
– Toselli, Paolo, “Ufologi, scienza e fulmini globulari”, in UFO – Rivista di Informazione Ufologica, Torino, CISU, No. 26, December 2002, pp. 47-48

EuroIfo: European Transnational Ifo Catalogue

EuroUFO Project #1

Acronym: EuroIFO

Project Coordinator: Paolo Toselli (CISU, Italy)

The objective is this program is to develop a tool to assist the European UFO researcher to properly identify massively-witnessed UFO sightings that can become IFOs. The catalogue is an index for quick sorting and collating UFO observations, helping us to find sources for event identification, i.e., an opportunity for case-solving. Secondary objective is to enhance and stimulate data exchange amongst European UFO analysts.

As far as the geographical coverage is concerned, the EuroIFO catalogue collects cases from any European countries, as well as Atlantic Ocean sites that belong to Spain (Canary Islands) or Portugal (Madeira) and North-African territory that in the past century were part of Spain (Spanish Sahara) (if borders any French possessions). .

Type of sightings
The catalogue is addressed to contain data on high-altitude, high-magnitude, usually long-standing visual phenomena producing massive UFO reports locally, effectively or potentially generating reports across national boundaries. Typically, space reentries, fireball bolides, giant stratospheric balloon passages, missile and rocket launches, fuel venting in space, clouds in the atmosphere of metal elements, military exercises with flare displays near frontiers, etc.

Regarding the misperception of planets and stars or satellite observation, it is only considered when an unusual astronomical phenomenon occurred, observed by multitudes, as in the case of planet alignment, Mir-Atlantic joint coupling, aurora borealis sighted in Southern latitudes, comet apparition, etc).

By definition, cases here must have achieved society or media impact because of the number of eyewitnesses, the magnitude of the fiery or luminous display, etc. No individual sighting of a meteor in the night, or the observation by a few of a sounding balloon, for example, qualifies for this catalogue.

Catalogue Data Content
We seek simplicity. Only one line for case and country will resume multiple reports at local level. This catalogue will not supersede any regional or theme catalogues in force, it just complements them.

EuroIFO is just an Excel spreadsheet, with the following data structure:
DATE (year, month, day)
LOCAL TIME (for multiple report cases, enter the earlier known time)
GTM (above time converted into Universal Time)
DURATION (enter the maximum duration known, data in seconds, minutes or hours)
DESCRIPTION (few words to describe the actual phenomenon’s appearance)
EXPLANATION (it reveals the nature or cause of the phenomenon)
ADDITIONAL DATA (added details on test responsible organism, base where scientific activity was generated, etc)
IMAGES (if photograph, film or video is available, enter the image mode)
# (enter number of different series of pictures or footage obtained by different people in different locations)
REFERENCE (main literature, URL, researcher, or organization as reference to information availability)
SOURCE (EuroUFO member who provided the line’s input)

A blank line inserted between group cases will show blocks of common events.

After submission of an initial sample catalogue by the Project Coordinator, all members of EuroUFO are invited to contribute its own input, by submitting data to Paolo Toselli, he who will update the catalogue on a monthly basis. Project Coordinator will periodically request members to review their files in order to submit data on specific dates where it is probable that transnational events of this type have been produced.

On December 2007 a first version of the catalogue has been placed on the EuroUFO web site, and its existence has been reported elsewhere for general benefit. Since then, the catalogue has been updated on a quarterly basis.

July 2007