Fuller, Paul (United Kingdom)

Fuller, Paul (United Kingdom)Paul Fuller (born in 1960) joined BUFORA in 1980, becoming a member of the National Investigations Committee. He investigated cases in Hampshire in the south of England, most notably the Ventnor, Isle of Wight 1985 case (suspected RPV) and Staple Gardens case (mini Ball Lightning).
He played a key role in BUFORA’s crop circle research, beginning with “Mystery of the Circles” (1986) and “Controversy of the Circles” (1989). Both reports contained evidence of media hoaxing, possible hoaxing methods, eye witness testimony of meteorological effects producing circles and historical cases. Suspected that whilst some circles were man-made many might be meteorological events which could possibly explain some UFO cases. Author with Jenny Randles of “Crop Circles, A Mystery Solved” (1990, 1993), Paul has been editing the quarterly Crop Watcher between .
He researched Ray Santilli’s alien autopsy films with various colleagues, concluding that they were hoaxes. Subsequently joined the UFO Investigations Network (mark 2!). Currently working on the life story of John Rand Capron, a “grand amateur” scientist who researched crop circles in 1880.
Paul Fuller works in local government as a statistician.