Chabin, Laurent (France)

Laurent Chabin was born in 1968 in the suburbs of Paris.

Was drawn into the field indirectly because of the “1997 Phoenix Lights” case in 2007.

Electrical Engineer, currently developing the hardware of an untethered head mounted display for augmented reality as a full time job.

He sees what such a tool can bring during field investigations for the problem of the estimation of the angular sizes by the witnesses.

He has and will make use of this type of product in field investigations from 2021 on. A sort of SimOVNI of the 21th century.

Field investigator in need of the best set of research articles relevant to the discipline.

Member of SCEAU/Archive OVNI, he worked on open sourced tools helping the automation of conversion of scans into ocred pdfs. Made a little study for SCEAU listing a set of recommendations for the long term storage of files and choice of file formats. He developed a basic and now online full text search tool for FSR, LDLN and Inforespace.

contact is possible thru the euroufo maling list.