Magin, Ulrich (Germany)

Ulrich Magin, born 13 November 1962 in Germany, lives as an author and translator near Bonn.

Main interests are cryptozoology (mainly water monsters), all folklore associated with bodies of water, UFOs (especially historic reports, close encounter cases, and USOs), and alternative archaeology (esp. geomancy). He considers himself a fortean sceptic, and has been or is correspondent or columnist of major fortean magazines, such as Fortean Times, INFO Journal, Strange, Pursuit, Ley Hunter, CENAP Report and the Journal für UFO-Forschung.

He has published many articles, book chapters, and books on his research. Books include Kontakte mit Außerirdischen im deutschen Sprachraum (two editions), Von Ufos entführt, Trolle Yetis Tatzelwürmer, Geheimwissenschaft Geomantie, Ausflüge in die Anderswelt, Magischer Mittelrhein, Geheimnisse des Saarlandes, Pfälzer Mysterien, Magische Mosel, Der Tatzelwurm, Rätsel und Mysterien der Eifel and Der Ritt auf dem Kometen (a biography of Charles Fort).

Position Statement

I do not accept eyewitness reports as indicators of reality, I think they tell us more about human perception and its cultural reworking than strange phenomena – in short, I belong to the psychosocial school. Yet, as a fortean, I doubt any weltanschauung that is too self secure, and believe that even science can only approximate reality, but never grasp it.

Current research

Historic reports of forteana from Germany, continental European lake monsters, and UFO close encounter cases in Germany.